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Jennifer’s Passion 48: January

I’m not a big resolution maker, but there is one resolution I’m determined to keep. It’s a resolution (read: challenge) I’ve set for every staff member at American Patchwork & Quilting this year. And, it’s the same one we had a few year’s back. We’re resurrecting it because it was such a BIG success at giving us all what we desire—MORE TIME TO QUILT!

It’s called PASSION 48 and here’s the challenge: Spend one hour a week (no more, no less) working on a quilt project that is just for you. The rules are simple. The project is a current or past pattern from one of our publications or from Once you select a project, there’s no switching until it’s done. No UFOs in this challenge! Work one hour a week for 48 weeks. (You get four weeks off for unexpected interruptions that inevitably prevent your best quilting intentions.)

How does it work? I pull out my project, twist my little friend the owl timer to 60 minutes and get to creating! When he rings his bell, I put down my tools and put the project aside until some time next week when I’ll work on it for one more hour.  We’ll see how far we all get with our projects throughout 2013!


The project I’ve chosen is a challenging one, but I’m excited to be starting it. I’m making Way Around, which is the cover quilt on the February 2013 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting (available at newsstands now or as a digital version here). Instead of blue and white, mine will be a scrappy mix of browns, blacks, red, orange, golds, and tans—all the autumn hues I love so much.

What’s the point of Passion 48? What we found the last time we did this challenge was that every one of us quilted more that year than ever before. Why? My guess is because once you prime the pump by working on a project for an hour, when you’re forced to put it away you immediately want to pick up something else and start quilting again. We all have hectic work and family lives, just like you. And the hardest part for us, too, is often just getting started. This challenge forces us to get out of the starting gate. And most importantly, as many of you do, we often get caught up in making quilts for others but neglect to do something for ourselves. Passion 48 gives us permission to make something we want—just because.

Sound like fun? Then take up the challenge and join us. You’ll quilt more than ever before because of it, I’m confident!


Happy New Year,