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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Idea



This cute little gift is easy-to-make, cheap, and so fun for all your sewing and quilting friends! Whip up a bunch for some last-minute gifts.



White cardstock

Holiday stamps



Washi tape



Flat head pin

Needle nose pliers

Jump ring

Baker’s twine



1. Fold a piece of 4×6″ piece of white cardstock in half. Stamp a holiday greeting on the front and use a marker to color in the any shapes.

2. Stick a piece of washi tape across the bottom of the front, folding it over, so it sticks to the inside, as well. Trim to fit.

3. Drill a small hole at the top on a thimble. Stick the flat head pin through the thimble, so the flat head is on the inside. Shape the top of the pin into a loop using the needle nose pliers. Cut any leftover wire off.

4. Hook a jump ring onto the loop that the flat head pin created.

5. Punch two small holes in the back of the card. Thread two ends of baker’s twine through the holes toward the front. Slide the jump ring with the thimble attached onto the twine. Tie the twine into a bow.

6. Add a “to” and “from” stamp or write it with marker.