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Quilting Changes Everything: Modern-Day Quilt Dowry

In the April 2012 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting (on sale now), we introduced readers to Nyshma Nolette, a 24-year-old bride and new quilter who learned the ropes while creating a dowry of quilts in preparation for her wedding.

Nyshma and her husband, Ryan, displayed her 13 quilts at their wedding reception in September 2011. Photo by Nicolle Durkee (nddphoto.com).

Inspired by a long-ago tradition, Nyshma spent three years making 10 quilts in preparation for her wedding to fiancé, Ryan. Her mom, Sandy Mercado, filled out the traditional dozen quilts that a pioneer bride would have brought to the marriage, plus special No. 13, the “bride’s quilt,” and long-arm machine-quilter Margaret Gunn quilted Nyshma’s quilts.

In the process, Nyshma learned a variety of quilting techniques. See five of Nyshma’s quilts below. To learn more about all 13 quilts, click here to visit Sandy’s blog.

Rhythm & Blues, from the August 2009 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting®, was Nyshma's second quilt.


Nyshma learned Buggy Barn's crazy piecing method while making Pineapple Tidbits from their book, Certifiably Crazy.

Nyshma pieced Wild Thing by Thimble Blossoms at a retreat with her mom, Sandy.


Nyshma left the borders off her version of A Piece of Cake by Thimble Blossoms.

Nyshma learned how to make Flying Geese while working on Shiloh by Bonnie Blue Quilts.

7 Responses to “Quilting Changes Everything: Modern-Day Quilt Dowry”

  1. Wow! That is awesome. Wish I had time to make all those quilts before my wedding in April. Ha-Ha! Love the Shiloh quilt, especially. Beautiful work. Nyshma is so talented! Have a super day.

  2. What a great and time honored tradition to follow and you did a beautiful job!!!Keep up the awesome job and quilt onward!!!!!

  3. Great job! What an awesome accomplishment! Great story to feature too!

  4. Luv this feature- and luv the new look to your mag as well as reasonable price/ some of the quilting mags are $8.99 and $9.99 which is too much!!!
    Why don’t you feature one or two of these quilts each month w/patterns and a readers contest for same (pictures w/ prizes for best color combo)
    Or feature 2 each month as a free quilt along???
    I am an idea person although not a strong quilter…am just starting, but this article got me excited

  5. The article in your magazine referred us to this website “for more information about each of the 13 dowry quilts.” I am happy to see the 6 you show, but was looking forward to see 13,as you said. And four of the 6 you showed were already shown in the magazine. If you were only going to show 6, why say there’d be “information about each of the 13?”

  6. Uh oh! Look what you’ve started! LOL!! My 15 yr old DD read the article. She now wants to make 12 quilts for her “Hope Chest”. (She’s been sewing since 18 mos old and has had her own sewing machine since she was 7.) I’ll be making #13 for her. We’ll be starting with “Sticks & Bricks” on pg 55. We’ll be raiding my stash tomorrow after she gets home from school. ***Shhh…I’ll be doing the same for my own “Hope Chest”. Nothing wrong with being prepared. ***

  7. Diane-Gay – there is a link to Sandy’s blog right below the picture of the happy couple. If you click on it, you will see all 12 quilts.

    Eilene-heather – all of these are published patterns. Your quilt shop can get the patterns for you. There is no way that the mag can republish them.