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Mystery Quilt: Block 1

Materials for Block 1 of APQ 2012 Mystery Quilt  (What is the Mystery Quilt? Click here to find out!)

1—9×22″ piece (fat eighth) each of light print, medium print, and dark print

Measurements include 1/4″ seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Finished block: 9″ square


Cut Fabrics
From light print, cut:

  • one 4-1/4″ square
  • ten 2-3/8″ squares
  • four 2″ squares

From medium print, cut:

  • four 2×3-1/2″ rectangles
  • eight 2-3/8″ squares

From dark print, cut:

  • one 4-1/4″ square
  • two 2-3/8″ squares
  • eight 2″ squares
Assemble Block
1. Use a pencil to draw a diagonal line on wrong side of light print 4-1/4″ and 2-3/8″ squares and dark print 2″ squares.

2. Place a marked light print 4-1/4″ square atop dark print 4-1/4″ square. Sew 1/4″ from each side of drawn line (Diagram 1). Cut pair apart on drawn line to make two triangle units. Press each triangle unit open, pressing seam toward darker print, to make two large triangle-squares. Each should be 3-7/8″ square including seam allowances.

3. Mark a diagonal line perpendicular to seam line on wrong side of one large triangle-square.

4. Layer marked triangle-square atop unmarked large triangle-square; each light triangle should be opposite a dark triangle (Diagram 2). Sew pair together 1/4″ from each side of drawn line. Cut pair apart on drawn line. Press each unit open to make two hourglass units. Each should be 3-1/2″ square including seam allowances. Set one hourglass unit aside for another project.

5. Using two marked light print 2-3/8″ squares and two dark print 2-3/8″ squares, repeat Step 2 to make four small A triangle-squares. Each should be 2″ square including seam allowances. In same manner, use remaining marked light print 2-3/8″ squares and medium print 2-3/8″ squares to make 16 small B triangle-squares.

6. Position a marked dark print 2″ square on one end of a medium print 2×3-1/2″ rectangle (Diagram 3; note direction of marked line). Sew on marked line, then trim, leaving 1/4″ seam allowances. Press open attached triangle. In same manner, add a second marked dark print 2″ square to remaining end of medium print rectangle to make a Flying Geese unit. The unit should be 3-1/2×2″ including seam allowances. Repeat to make four Flying Geese units total.

7. Referring to Diagram 4, sew together four small A triangle-squares, four Flying Geese units, and one hourglass unit in three horizontal rows. Press seams away from Flying Geese units. Join rows to make a block center. Press seams away from center row. The block center should be 6-1/2″ square including seam allowances.

8. Join four small B triangle-squares to make a triangle-square row. Press seams as shown in Diagram 5. Repeat to make four triangle-square rows total.

9. Referring to Diagram 6, join triangle-square rows, light print 2″ squares, and block center in three rows. Press seams away from triangle-square rows. Join rows to make a block. Press seams away from center row. The block should be 9-1/2″ square including seam allowances.

15 Responses to “Mystery Quilt: Block 1”

  1. The block shown in the magazine and what is on here is different.The block in the middle is the problem.In the mag.the dark is facing the med.and here the light is facing the med.

  2. In the magazine, Monique used green and purple. In the four blocks, some of her greens were darker than her purples and some of her purples were darker than her greens. For making one block, we decided to go with light, medium, and dark instead of greens and purples so people feel free to make it in whatever colors they want.

  3. I thought the directions were not clear at all as to the cutting of the triangles and placement. If I had not made a similar quilt top before I would have really been confused. I only followed the picture as the directions confused me. No directions for the width of the inside border or the outside border. Good thing I quilt so I can guess what I want. A beginner would have a problem. Also did you mean to make a finished 9 1/2 block for the mystery quilt?

  4. I could not find the picture of th first block in the Dec. Magazine??? Am I blind???
    What page please?

  5. 1st block is on last page 104, February 2012 issue 114

  6. Block one is on page 104 of the February 2012 issue.

  7. Are all the blocks made with only three colors, one light,one medium, one dark?

  8. I was wondering when the next step for the Mystery Quilt is coming! Is it still a mystery ? :-)

  9. Please provide these patterns in a PDF format for easier to read type size and less paper used. Thanks.

  10. Hi, I have a problem!! I have all issues of the magazine but the 2011. @ the beginning of each yr. I go thru my mags & tear the patterns out to keep the ones I like, but I don’t remember seeing the mystery one. I have all the others but can’t print the beginning part or block #1

  11. I just discovered this collection of BOM patterns so I’m joining the fun a bit late, excited to play along!

    I see the next blocks are in PDF format…THANK YOU! That is so much more “printer friendly”.

  12. Are these patterns prinable?

  13. Are the 2012 Mystery quilt patterns still available?