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APQ 2012 Mystery Quilt

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Here’s the scoop on the 2012 Mystery Quilt created exclusively for you by designer Monique Dillard of Open Gate Quilts. Throughout the year, you’ll get instructions for eight blocks (one in each 2012 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine and two additional blocks online). Make one of each block in the fabrics of your choice and set it aside for the end of the year. In the December issue, we’ll give you a mystery quilt setting joining all the single blocks together.

Clue #1: Pick Your Background Fabrics: First choose a light color, which will be the background fabric in the blocks, setting pieces, pieced inner border, and middle border. (For her quilt, Monique used assorted cream and tan prints.) Here are the amounts you will need:

  • For blocks: Four 18×22″ pieces (fat quarters) of assorted light prints
  • For setting pieces and pieced inner border: two 5/8-yard pieces and two 1/3-yard pieces of assorted light prints
  • For middle border: 1/2 yard light print


Clue #2: Choose Your Medium Fabrics: Select one or more medium colors, which will be used in the blocks, setting pieces, and pieced inner border. (For her quilt, Monique used assorted red prints.) Here are the amounts you will need:

  • For blocks: Five 9×22″ pieces (fat eighths) of assorted medium prints
  • For setting pieces and pieced inner border: Five 3/8-yard pieces of assorted medium prints


Clue #3: Gather Your Dark Fabrics: Choose one or more dark colors, which will be used in the blocks, outer border, and binding. (For her quilt, Monique used assorted black prints.) Here are the amounts you will need:

  • For blocks: Three 18×22″ pieces (fat quarters) of assorted dark prints
  • For outer border: 1-1/4 yards of dark print
  • For binding: 5/8 yard of dark print

Clue #4: Make Your First Block: Using the instructions in “Start Today, Finish Tomorrow” in the February 2012 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, make one pieced block. (Or click here for instructions for making the first block.)

Having trouble choosing a palette of fabrics? Consider the following sample blocks. This block of batiks is an extra Monique pieced while making the “Start Today, Finish Tomorrow” table runner.


A variety of 1930s prints and solids will make a cheerful quilt.

These are the fabrics Monique’s quilt is made from–they’re from her Memories of Provence collection for Maywood Studios.

Reproduction prints and small florals come together for a traditional look.

Try solids in a variety of colors paired with a light gray background.


I hope you join us for the fun!

Elizabeth Tisinger Beese, Senior Editor

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  1. Can’t wait. I am getting into Mystery Quilts. Not sure why, but I am enjoying them.

  2. How do I join?

  3. Looks really great.

  4. Going to give it the old, college try!

  5. Megan: You don’t have to join anything, just follow along each issue as we give you block instructions, then in the December issue, we’ll give you the setting pattern.

  6. When will you publish the two additional online blocks?

  7. When will the cnd block be published?

  8. Is this the first block of the mystery quilt?

  9. How fun!!!

  10. Where are the directions for block 2?????

  11. Where is Block 2?

  12. I am using the pattern Merry-Go-Round for my local quilting guild Block of Month Swap – Used layer cakes and cut all pieces and handed out with pattern to my guild in January- they will return the blocks in February – Love this block

  13. How big will the mystery quilt be? Twin size?

  14. I don’t understand some of this. I didn’t get much sleep last night (really bad cold), so I’m not thinking as clearly as I normally would. Question: Is the fabric measurement given above the measurement that will be needed for the entire quilt? I’m new at this kind of mystery quilt, so I want to be sure I understand before I start! Think stuffy nose, no sleep, coughing, etc. Thanks for patience!

  15. This looks like so much fun! Picking fabrics now!

  16. Will the quilt turn out okay if I use scraps of different color families for each block, as long as I use the light, medium, and dark colors?

  17. Are the amounts of materials in the clues for the entire quilt?
    I would like to have a coordinated quilt and not a scrap quilt.

  18. Do the clues give the amount of material for the entire quilt?

  19. Thanks, this looks fun.

  20. I’m going to start this now! Thanks! Should be fun.

  21. What are the dimensions of the quilt when it is completed? Thanks.

  22. when will the 3rd block be posted I’m ready for it?

  23. Where are the instructions for Block 4?
    June 2012 says it is only available online.

  24. hi there :O) i have been trying to get through to your customer service and i canNOT get through. i have NOT recieved the newest issue and it has been in stores in our little town for over a week now… i am doing the mystery quilt and look forward to recieving my issue, but if i can get it quicker from town, i would like to cancel – i know this is not the place to ‘grieve’ but as i said, i cannot register at customer service…..any help would be appreciated

  25. I am so interested in doing this mystery block.

  26. I was wondering what the finished size of this quilt will be? I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  27. Where or how do I sign up for the 2012 Mystery quilt blocks?

    I can’t seem to locate anything but this and block 1 anywhere.

  28. I love this mystery but I would like to buy ALL my material for the entire quilt. Are the amounts listed on this site for the clue 1, clue 2 and clue 3 ALL the material?

  29. Several have asked this question but I haven’t seen an answer – are the yardage requirements given under the “clues” for all 8 blocks?

  30. Where are the directions for block #4? Why can’t you print them in the magazine – some of us don’t like the internet.

  31. In the list of all the fabrics given above, are these the amounts needed for the entire finished Mystery Quilt?
    Thank you for your attention to this concern. Anna Joffrion

  32. Is this Mystery Quilt going to continue? I’ve been looking forward to the next block ever since the first one came out and nothing has been posted. Just wondering if I should keep checking??

  33. Kathie, there are currently directions for 4 blocks online. Find them here: –Lindsay Fullington,

  34. Kathie, there are currently directions for 4 blocks online. Find them here: –Lindsay Fullington,

  35. Yes it is. Thanks. –Lindsay Fullington,

  36. Yes. Those measurements are for all the blocks. Thanks. –Lindsay Fullington,

  37. In the August issue I see where it says that this is block 5 of the mystery quilt (p.94 ) but I don’t understand how to make the suggested colors relate to the colors of the mystery quilt. Will there be more directions for block 5 at another time? Thank you! Lynnellen Miles

  38. The directions for block 5 need to be included on the website. It so much easier to work with them from there than figuring out what I need for a single block from the sewing machine cover directions

  39. Is there going to be a PDF of Block 1, like the other blocks? I like to keep instructions together on my computer for the whole quilt.

  40. My question is with regard to the size of the blocks. Instructions for Block #2 state at the top of the page that it is 9″ finished but last step of instructions says it finishes at 9 1/2″. I have made Block #1 and it finished at 9 1/2″. I’m hesitant to cut out Block #2 due to the inconsistency of the size in the instructions. Can you please clarify the size of the blocks??
    Thank you.

  41. 2012 mystery quilt:
    The instructions for the first block are not in pdf format like the others. Can you give it to us in pdf?

  42. When is Block 5 going to come out?

  43. I dont have all of the magazines for this quilt .can we get back issues if needed?

  44. I agree with Ramona above. Block 1 should be put into a PDF file to go along with the others. In fact a lot of your projects in All People Quilt should be put into PDF files. Don’t need all the headings & ads just for instructions. It’s a waste of printer ink.

  45. We unfortunately don’t offer back issues, but you can find them online at sites like –Lindsay, Web Editor

  46. Sue, all of the projects on our website are offered as PDF downloads. And we’re currently working on getting Block 1 as as PDF. Thanks for the suggestion. –Lindsay, Web Editor

  47. I see that you have posted BLock #7..where is Block #6..or is this a misprint and this one really is #6?

  48. Will Block #6 be posted on your website in PDF? This format is so much better to work with than just taking the block out of the pattern in the magazine.

  49. Please post the PDF file with instructions for Block 6. Blocks 5 and 7 are available, what happened to Block 6??
    Thank you!

  50. When will you publish block 8?

  51. I thank you tremendously for the patterns you offer. They are beautiful,creative and make me very happy as a quilter. They match my skills in general yet push me at times just enough.

  52. It comes out in the December issue and we’ll put it online then!

  53. This will be my first quilt! If I take it slowly and patiently, and follow all the given instructions to the letter, do you think that this is a good pattern for me to start out with?