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Pat Sloan on Guest Followup

I have some  SUPER exciting news!  My Guest Vanessa Wilson (interviewed July 4, 2011) was JUST interviewed for the 20/20 TV show!

Yes THAT 20/20 !  They did a segment on moms on youtube with tutorials. One does braided hair, one cooks, and our Crafty Gemini Vanessa was also featured!

CLICK HERE to watch the clip from 20/20 from Sept 24, 2011.

And if you remember, when I interviewed Vanessa she was pregnant and expecting baby number two. Her healthy baby girl, Allie Reina, was born and is doing great!

Vanessa’s blog..

CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with her on July 4, 2011. I do believe I interviewed her before 20/20.. wink!

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