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Scattered Leaves, the October 2009 APQ cover quilt

Scattered Leaves, the October 2009 APQ cover quilt

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6 Responses to “Scattered Leaves, the October 2009 APQ cover quilt”

  1. where do I go to buy this magazine. i want the Scattered Leaves pattern. Thx.

  2. Hi Susan,
    We don’t currently sell back issues of American Patchwork & Quilting, but I did find that a couple copies of the October 2009 are available on eBay.
    We do sell past cover patterns individually at This one is not currently available, however. The pattern will be available there for $7.95 eventually, but it may be several months until that happens. I hope this helps!

  3. Hi Susan,
    I was also looking for the pattern for Scattered Leaves by Pam Buda. I have a copy of October 2009 American Patchwork & Quilting and wanted to use this pattern for a guild block of the month. I went to the All People Quilt website to see if it had been published as a free down load, it is not.
    However there is a free download for a quilt called Maple Leaf Log Cabins by Laura Boehnke. It was inspired by “Scattered Leaves”.
    All you have to do is look for the pattern, when you find it go to the free download click on it and you can print it free it may ask you to become a member and that is also free.
    I am going to have the members of my guild, join and download it and that way we are not breaking any of the copy right rules. Hope this helps you!

  4. I would like a copy of the scattered leaves patterb, How can I get it?

  5. Please send me a copy of pattern Scattered Leaves, October 2009,

  6. You can buy this pattern from Pam Buda, but it’s in a book. I was searching for the October 2009 magazine too for this pattern. However, I discovered that I had the Scattered Leaves pattern in a different book as well. It’s from Better Homes and Gardens Sew Scrappy Volume II, if by chance you have that book. It’s a wonderful book full of some really great patterns. I always resist buying an entire book unless I can look through it to see if it’s worth the investment.