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Wristband Pincushions

Use felted wool to appliqué sunflower pincushions that fit your wrist. Gather your wool scraps and start making wristband pincushions—they make great gifts for fellow quilters and needlework artists.


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Assemble and Appliqué Pincushion No. 1

1. Referring to Appliqué Placement Diagram, position green wool B and C leaves, white wool D flower, and one yellow wool E flower center on pink wool A background; glue-baste all pieces in place.

2. Referring to photo, use one strand of green embroidery floss and a running stitch to sew a vein through centers of B and C leaves, securing each in place on A background, to make pincushion base.

To make a running stitch, refer to Running Stitch Diagram and pull needle up at A and insert it back into fabric at B. Continue in the same manner, loading several stitches on the needle at one time.

3. Using one strand of matching embroidery floss and a tack stitch, sew D flower and yellow E flower center to pincushion base.

To tack-stitch, refer to Tack Stitch Diagram and pull needle up at A and push it down at B. Come up at C and continue in same manner around appliqué shape leaving a 1" opening. Stuff E flower center with a small amount of polyester fiberfill. Continue tack stitch to sew opening closed.

4. Referring to photo on page 1, use four strands of matching embroidery floss to add 12 French knots to E flower center.

To make a French knot, refer to French Knot Diagram and pull floss through at A, the point where the knot is desired. Wrap thread around needle two or three times without twisting it. Insert tip of needle into fabric at B, 1/8" away from A. Gently push wraps down needle to meet fabric. Pull needle and trailing floss through fabric slowly and smoothly.

5. Using one strand of matching embroidery floss and referring to photo, push every other petal on D flower in slightly toward center to create a "bump"; stitch in place. This gives the flower added dimension.

6. Referring to photo and using one strand of matching embroidery floss, stitch bee charm to pincushion base.

7. Layer appliquéd pincushion base with remaining pink wool A piece, matching scallops. With two strands of matching embroidery floss, use a running stitch to sew pieces together, 1/2" from edge, leaving a 1" opening. Stuff with polyester fiberfill. Continue running stitch to sew opening closed and make appliquéd pincushion.