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Wristband Pincushions

Use felted wool to appliqué sunflower pincushions that fit your wrist. Gather your wool scraps and start making wristband pincushions—they make great gifts for fellow quilters and needlework artists.


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Materials for One Wristband Pincushion

Designer: Roseann Meehan Kermes

7x9" rectangle pink, yellow, or gold felted wool (pincushion base, wristband, button)
1-1/2x3" rectangle green felted wool (leaves)
3-1/2" square white, pink, or brown felted wool (flower)
2" square yellow, red, or orange felted wool (flower center)
Embroidery floss: assorted colors
Polyester fiberfill
Charm: bee
Embroidery needle
Fabric basting glue

Finished wristband pincushion: 3-1/2x8-1/4"