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Wool Heart Valentine

No-fray felted wool makes this appliqué project quick to stitch. Glass beads and hand-embroidery further embellish the heart.


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Complete the Heart Ornament

1. To make the hanger, fold the 10" length of cording in half and knot the ends together. Referring to Diagram 5, place the knotted ends on the back of the remaining cream A heart; baste in place.

2. To make the beaded dangle at the bottom of the heart, cut a 15" length of cream perle cotton. Securely tape one end of the perle cotton to your work surface. Holding the perle cotton taut, twist it until it doubles back on itself. Bring the two ends together and let the perle cotton twist back on itself to form twisted cording. Tie the ends together in an overhand knot 2" from the folded end, then trim the ends 1/2" from the knot. Slip two 1/4"-diameter glass beads and the one 5/8"-diameter glass bead on the cord and tie the folded end in a knot. Position the knot near the raw ends on the back of the remaining cream A heart so the beaded portion dangles below; baste in place (see Diagram 5).

3. Layer the two cream A hearts with wrong sides together, sandwiching the ends of the hanger and dangle; pin. Using one strand of cream perle cotton and a running stitch, stitch the cream hearts together, leaving a 3" opening along one side (see Diagram 2). Stuff the heart firmly with fiberfill, using the eraser end of a pencil to stuff the heart’s point. Sew the opening closed. Sew the remaining 1/4"-diameter glass bead to the heart center to complete the ornament.