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Spring Hats Pincushion

Wool pincushions pose as spring hats, making them perfect party favors for a Mother's Day luncheon or sewing circle. Or, make several for yourself and keep one in each of your sewing baskets.


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Embellish the Pincushion

1. Beginning and ending 1" from the strip ends, and using two strands of matching embroidery floss and a running stitch, stitch down the center of the wool 1/4x14" strip. Gather the strip to fit around the base of the B piece by pulling both floss ends. Knot the floss in place leaving 1" wool tails. Evenly distribute the gathers, then tack the hatband and tails in place with fabric glue.

2. Layer wool applique pieces C, D, and E atop the two green wool F leaves to make a flower.

3. Using four strands of gold embroidery floss and stitching through all the applique layers, stitch a French knot in the flower center to secure. To make a French knot, pull your needle and floss through at the point where the knot is desired (A on the French Knot diagram). Wrap the floss around your needle twice without twisting it. Insert the tip of your needle into the fabric at B, 1/16" away from A. Gently push the wraps down the needle to meet the fabric. Pull your needle and trailing floss through the fabric slowly and smoothly.

4. Tack the flower to the hat where the hatband tails cross

5. Using a single strand of embroidery floss in a color that matches the beads, sew a set of three beads in each scallop on the A piece.

6. Place the embellished pincushion on top of the remaining wool A piece.

7. Using one strand of perle cotton, blanket-stitch around the scalloped A edges to complete the pincushion. To blanket-stitch, pull your needle up at A (see Blanket Stitch diagram), form a reverse L shape with the perle cotton, and hold the angle of the L shape in place with your thumb. Push your needle down at B and come up at C to secure the stitch.