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Sewing Roll

Keep your needles, scissors, and thread close at hand in an embroidered sewing roll made with fabrics that reflect your style.


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Finish Sewing Roll

1. Layer batting and wool rectangles to make a pincushion. Using two strands of brown floss, sew pincushion to rounded pocket, trimming wool along round edge, if necessary. Be sure to only stitch through pocket layer.

2. Referring to photograph, draw placement of flower stem and leaves. Using three strands of green floss, backstitch stem. To backstitch, pull your needle up at A. Insert it back into the fabric at B, and bring it up at C. Push your needle down at D, and bring it up at E. Continue in the same manner.

3. Use lazy daisy stitches to make the leaves. Hide the knots inside pocket. To make a lazy daisy stitch, pull your needle up at A, make a U shape with the floss, and insert your needle back into the fabric at B, about 1/16" away from A. Bring your needle up at C and bring it down at D to secure the stitch.

4. Using six strands of gold floss, attach folded yo-yo flower. Knot twice and trim ends.

5. Group remaining folded yo-yo flowers along top of sewing roll; baste. Repeat Step 3 to stitch each in place. Using two strands of green floss, make groupings of lazy daisy leaves around flowers. Be careful not to stitch through to front; hide your knots under flowers.

6. To use, roll toward the end with the tie. Wrap tie around sewing roll and knot loosely to hold it closed.