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Sewing Roll

Keep your needles, scissors, and thread close at hand in an embroidered sewing roll made with fabrics that reflect your style.


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Assemble Sewing Roll

1. With right sides together, align raw edge of top pocket with designated placement line on Pattern A. The raw edge will be even with the straight line on pattern piece. The dashed line is the stitching line.

2. Using a 1/4" seam allowance, stitch pocket to A piece. Flip pocket right side up; press.

3. Continue adding remaining pocket pieces in this manner.

4. With right sides facing up, pin rounded pocket at bottom of A piece, aligning raw edges. Baste all of the pockets with a scant 1/4" along straight sides of A piece.

5. Fold tie in half and baste the fold to the right side of the A piece with pockets. Tuck the ends of the tie in the first pocket so they won’t get caught in seams.

6. With right sides together, layer the A pieces; sew together, leaving a 2" opening along one straight side for turning. Turn sewing roll right side out; slip-stitch opening closed.