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Sewing Roll

Keep your needles, scissors, and thread close at hand in an embroidered sewing roll made with fabrics that reflect your style.


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Prepare Sewing Roll, Yo-yos, and Ties

Prepare Sewing Roll
1. Press under 1/2" along a 4-1/2" side of each yellow print 3-1/4x4-1/2" rectangle. Press under  1/2" along straight edge of green print C piece. Machine-stitch 1/4" from each folded edge.

2. Using a marking tool, draw placement and stitching lines on the A piece that will be used as the inside.

Make Tie
1. Press tie strip in half lengthwise. Let cool, then open up strip. With wrong sides together, fold each raw edge toward center and press in place.

2. Fold tie strip in half lengthwise and machine-stitch close to edges. Knot ends of tie and trim excess fabric beyond knot.

Make Flowers
1. Fold one red or yellow print B circle in half once, and in half again, to find center; finger-press along folds to crease. Unfold circle.

2. With wrong side to inside, fold a portion of outer edge to center of circle (Yo-Yo Flower Diagram). Continue folding outer edge in until entire outer edge meets in center. Tack edge in center with a small stitch to secure to make a folded yo-yo flower.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to make four folded yo-yo flowers total.