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Posy Pincushions

Use these pincushion patterns to create handmade gifts for quilters. Select bits of ribbon, rickrack, and fabric from a memorable event, or choose trims in colors that complement sewing room decor.


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Designer: Alma Allen

For oval pincushion:
9x11" piece pink print
9x11" piece fusible interfacing
3-1/2x1-1/2" oval kraft paper box
For round pincushion:
10" square green print
10" square fusible interfacing
2-3/4x3" round kraft paper box

For both pincushions:
Acrylic paint: off-white or cream
2—2x10" pieces decorative paper
2 each of 1/4x4" and 1/4x10" pieces green-and-white check ribbon
2—1-3/8x10" pieces 1-1/2"-wide rickrack: green
Small sponge brush
Fine-grit sandpaper
Pinking shears
Bookbinding glue
Paste wax: light brown
Soft cloth
Tacky glue
Heavy-duty sewing thread
Crafts sand
Polyester fiberfill

Finished pincushions:
3-1/2x3x3" (oval); 2-3/4x4-1/2" (round)

Quantities are for 100% cotton fabrics.