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On Pins & Needles Pincushion

Bold fabrics, bright buttons, and colorful ribbon elevate a practical pincushion to new heights.


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Finish Pincushion

1. Thread dollmaker’s needle with ribbon. Stitch down through center of pincushion at mark, leaving a 4"-long tail of ribbon on top of pincushion. Wrap ribbon up over one side of pincushion and stitch down again through center of pincushion (Diagram 4). Pull ribbon snug against pincushion side, being careful not to shorten ribbon tail. Repeat with remaining sides (Diagram 5).

2. Trim ribbon ends to 1/2". Fold each end in half, and whipstitch to pincushion.

3. Center one button on pincushion top over ribbon ends and a second at bottom center. Taking long stitches through the center of pincushion, sew buttons firmly in place.