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Fresh Picked

Felted wool pincushions will be the hit of the party when given as take-home favors.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces. 

To felt wool, machine-wash it in a hot-water-wash, cool-rinse cycle with a small amount of detergent; machine-dry it on high heat and steam-press. It’s not necessary to add seam allowances when cutting out the appliqué pieces. Because felted wool doesn’t ravel, there are no edges to turn under. Cut the edges cleanly, keeping them as smooth as possible.

From gold wool, cut:
1 of Pattern A

From red wool, cut:
1 of Pattern B

From green wool, cut:
2 each of patterns C and D

From muslin, cut:
2—5" squares