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Folk Art Needle Case

Cotton prints mixed with wools, delicate beads, and a careful choice of threads give a needle case a vintage flair. Stitch around the appliqués with contrasting thread and the flowers may appear whimsical; matching thread may yield a more romantic, traditional look. Cotton fabrics are from the Sachet Potpourri line by Faye Burgos for Marcus Fabrics.


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Add Beading

1. Referring to photo and Appliqué Placement Diagram, add a pink small bead to center of each pink E circle using cotton thread and a No. 11 straw needle. Add a pink seed bead, to center of D oval.

To add a bead, bring needle up at A, the point where bead is desired (Seed Bead Stitching Diagram). Thread seed bead onto needle, then insert the needle back into fabric at B, just to the right of A. Take a tiny backstitch to anchor.

2.  Using blue seed beads, repeat Step 1 to add a bead to each blue E circle.