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Folk Art Felt

Quickly hand-stitch a trio of whimsical felt pincushions.


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Cloud Pincushion Materials

8×6" rectangle blue crafts felt
Embroidery floss: white
Polyester fiberfill
10"-long piece 3⁄8"- to 1⁄2"-wide elastic
4" square cardboard

Finished pincushion: 2×3-1⁄2"

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces. 

From blue felt, cut:
1 of Pattern H

From elastic, cut:
Length equal to the circumference of wrist plus 1"

From cardboard, cut:
1 of Pattern I

Assemble Pincushion

1. Referring to Diagram 1, overlap ends of elastic about 1⁄4" (or more) to create a circle that will slide comfortably over your hand and wrist; pin ends together. Position pinned ends of elastic atop one blue felt H piece, about 3⁄4" from bottom edge; pin. Hand-stitch 2" of elastic to H piece, stitching along both elastic edges, to make bottom unit (Diagram 2).

2. Place bottom unit elastic side down. Layer cardboard I piece and remaining blue felt H piece atop bottom unit (Diagram 3). Referring to photo, use two strands of white embroidery floss to blanket-stitch H pieces together (do not sew through cardboard), leaving a 1" opening.

3. Stuff firmly with fiberfill. Blanket-stitch opening closed to complete cloud pincushion.