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Fallen Leaves Needle Case


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Cut & Assemble

To felt wool, machine-wash it in a hot-water-wash, cool-rinse cycle with a small amount of detergent; machine-dry and steam-press.

1. With pinking shears or the pinking blade on a rotary cutter, trim the wool 5" square to measure 4x3-1/2". Fold the resulting rectangle in half to measure 2x3-1/2"; steam-press to set the fold.

2. Referring to the photograph on slides 1 & 2, position the cream wool 1-1/4x2" rectangle on the inside of the folded wool rectangle on the right-hand side. Use a running stitch and two strands of cream floss to stitch the upper edge of the rectangle to the folded wool rectangle to make the needle case.

3. Position the freezer paper shiny side down over the Leaf Pattern on Pattern Sheet 1. With a pencil, trace the pattern once. Cut out the freezer-paper leaf roughly 1/4" outside the traced line.

4. Press the freezer-paper leaf onto the front of the wool scrap. Let the fabric cool. Cut out the wool leaf on the traced line and peel off the paper.

5. Center the wool leaf on the front of the needle case; pin in place. With two strands of contrasting embroidery floss, stitch down the leaf center with small running stitches.

6. To create a bow at the base of the leaf stem, use six strands of embroidery floss. Make a single running stitch at the base of the stem, stitching through all the layers and leaving 4" thread tails on the top. Tie the tails in a square knot, then in a small bow. Knot the floss ends and trim the excess.