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Dresden Pincushions

Machine-stitch a trio of cute-as-can-be pincushions with Dresden stars on top. Pick your favorite fabric scraps, a bit of rickrack, and buttons, then tie it all together with solid white.


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Finish Pincushion

1. Pin rickrack to right side of pincushion top so points of rickrack are just at edge of pincushion top. Overlap rickrack ends, or pull excess rickrack into seam allowance and pin. Stitch through center of rickrack to baste in place (Diagram 6). Trim excess rickrack.

2. Stack buttons and center on pincushion top. Hand-stitch in place.

3. Join pincushion top and back, stitching just inside rickrack basting stitches. Turn right side out. Fill with desired filling then hand-stitch opening closed to complete pincushion.