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Big & Bold

Don’t spend time searching for your pincushion. Make a jumbo, tufted cushion in bright, lively prints and finding it will be a cinch!


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Assemble Pincushion

1. Using sharp scissors, clip into seam allowance along edges of red polka dot B strips at marked dots, but do not cut into or beyond seam lines.

2. Layer and sew together B pieces across each short end to make a loop. Press seams open.

3. Matching dots, sew one long edge of loop to a red print A square.

4. Repeat Step 3, joining remaining red print A square to unsewn edge of loop, leaving a 2" opening along one edge for turning.

5.   Turn pincushion right side out. Stuff firmly with fiberfill. Hand-sew opening closed.

6. Following manufacturer’s instructions, cover each button using a red polka dot C circle.

7. Thread dollmaker’s needle with double length of thread; knot end. Stitch down through center of pincushion; sew through button shank of first button and back through center of pincushion. Sew through button shank of second button on opposite side of pincushion. Repeat as needed, pulling thread tight to gather pincushion at center. Tie off ends of thread.