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Under-the-Sea Pillow

Combine light blue and pink prints for an updated take on nautical style. An embroidered underwater scene adds whimsy to this pillow. Fabrics are from the Out to Sea collection by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics.


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Embroider Pillow Top

Using two strands of floss, stitch marked design using Embroidery Pattern for color placement.

To backstitch, pull your threaded needle up at A (Backstitch Diagram). Push it back down at B, and bring it up at C. Continue in same manner.

To satin-stitch (Satin Stitch Diagram), fill desired area with straight stitches, stitching from edge to edge and placing the stitches side by side.

To make a French knot, pull your threaded needle through at the point where the knot is desired (French Knot Diagram). Wrap the floss around your needle twice without twisting it. Insert the tip of your needle into the fabric at B, 1/16" away from A. Gently push the wraps down the needle to meet the fabric. Pull your needle and trailing floss through the fabric slowly and smoothly.



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