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Sweet Retreat Accessories

Patterns for a decorative pillow, coordinating shams, bed skirt, and nightstand slipcover can add cottage chic style to any bedroom.

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Assemble Decorative Pillow

1. Referring to Diagram 1, sew together five assorted pink print 2x10" strips and four white tone-on-tone 2x10" strips to make a strip set A. Press seams away from white strips. Cut into four 2"-wide A segments total.

2. Repeat Step 1 to make four more A segments using different assorted pink prints.

3. Join five medium floral 2x16" strips and four white tone-on-tone 2x16" strips to make strip set B (Diagram 2). Press seams away from white strips. Cut into seven 2"-wide B segments total.

4. Referring to Pillow Assembly Diagram, lay out five A segments and four B segments. Remove the stitching as necessary from remaining A and B segments to shorten segments for corners of pillow top.

5. Add setting triangles to ends of each segment; press seams toward segments. Join segments; press seams in one direction. Add corner triangles to complete pillow top.

6. Layer pillow top, batting rectangle, and lining rectangle. Quilt as desired. Trim batting and lining even with edges of pillow top.

7. Referring to Diagram 3, pin rickrack to quilted pillow top, curving corners slightly. Where the ends meet, overlap them slightly and draw tails toward raw edge. Sew around pillow top with a scant 1/4" seam allowance, following the curve at each corner to just barely catch the rickrack.

8. Sew together pillow top and backing rectangle, stitching just inside previous stitching line and leaving a 4" opening along bottom edge. Turn pillow right side out through opening and stuff with fiberfill. Hand-stitch opening closed.