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Sweet Retreat Accessories

Patterns for a decorative pillow, coordinating shams, bed skirt, and nightstand slipcover can add cottage chic style to any bedroom.

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Finish Flat Bed Skirt

1. Turn one long edge of the skirt under 1/2"; press. Turn the same edge under 2"; press. Topstitch folded edge in place to hem the skirt. Repeat with each short edge. (For a bed with a footboard, make the skirt in three sections—two for the sides and one for the foot—to accommodate the legs.)

2. At points where pleats are desired (ours are at points B and C), fold a 3"-wide finished pleat (Diagram 9).

3. Place the skirt on the center panel, matching pleats to points B and C and matching all raw edges; pin. Join the pieces, using a 1/2" seam allowance, to complete the bedskirt.