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Sweet Retreat Accessories

Patterns for a decorative pillow, coordinating shams, bed skirt, and nightstand slipcover can add cottage chic style to any bedroom.

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Measure Bed and Cut Fabrics

1. Measure width and length of the bed’s box spring. Add 1" to the width measurement and 2-3/4" to the length measurement to allow for seam allowances and hem. Cut and piece a muslin rectangle to those dimensions to make center panel.

2. Turn a short edge of muslin center panel under 1/4"; press. Turn same edge under 2"; press. Topstitch folded edge in place to hem top edge of center panel.

3. Measure around center panel, starting at point A, and working alphabetically through D (Diagram 8). Divide resulting measurement by four and mark those points on the edges of the center panel.

4. Measure the distance from the top edge of the box spring to the floor. Add 3" to this measurement (to allow for seam allowances and a hem).

5. For a flat bed skirt: To the A-to-D measurement determined in Step 3, add 6" for each pleat desired; we used pleats only at the bottom corners of the bed skirt.

6. For a gathered bed skirt: Multiply the A-to-D measurement determined in Step 3 by 2-1/2. (Depending on the fullness you want in the finished bedskirt and the weight of your fabric, you may wish to multiply by a higher or smaller number.)

7. Cut and piece medium floral according to measurements determined in steps 4 and 5 to make skirt.