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Easy-to-create, machine-couched springtime tulips dance atop piped or bead-trimmed pillows. 


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Embellish Pillow Tops

1. Fold solid off-white 16" square in half twice. Lightly finger-press folds to create placement guidelines; unfold.

2. Tape Embroidery Pattern A onto light table or sunny window. Place one fourth of the 16" square atop pattern, aligning fabric creases with pattern’s dashed placement guidelines. Using water- or air-soluble marker, trace embroidery design onto fabric. Repeat to trace design in each fourth of the 16" square, rotating pattern each time.

3. Trace Embroidery Pattern B three times across solid off-white 11×16" rectangle.

4. Set up your sewing machine with a couching foot (see photo A) or any foot that has an open center. Use clear monofilament thread in needle and off-white cotton thread in bobbin. Set up your machine for a long and narrow zigzag or blind-hem stitch.

5. Lay a strand of yellow yarn atop a drawn tulip shape. Machine-couch yarn to the fabric by stitching over yarn on drawn lines.

6. Referring to photograph for color placement, couch remaining tulip shapes with assorted pink, orange, and yellow yarn. Couch stem and leaf shapes with green chenille yarn.