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Spot On! Pillow

Contrasting fabrics, eye-catching appliqués, and frayed edges create visual and textural appeal in this pillow.  You’ll quilt the pillow top before creating the ragged-edge look.


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Assemble Pillow

1.  Referring to photo lay out blocks in pairs. Sew together blocks in each pair; press seams in opposite directions. Join pairs to make pillow top. The pillow top should be 17" square including seam allowances. Place a black batik circle on two cream batik or print squares; baste in place.

2. Layer pillow top, batting, and muslin lining.

3. Quilt as desired (be careful not to catch seam allowances so they can be clipped later). A spiral design is machine-quilted in each appliqué; parallel lines are stitched elsewhere.

4. Trim lining and batting even with pillow top edges. Machine-baste layers of pillow top 3⁄8" from outside edges.

5. To fray pillow top raw edges, make 1⁄4"-deep cuts 1⁄2" apart in the seams. Then machine-wash the pillow top in a warm-water-wash and cool-rinse cycle with a small amount of detergent; machine-dry.

6. With right sides together, layer pillow top and 17" square backing; pin. Sew together, leaving an opening for pillow form. Turn right side out and insert pillow form; slip-stitch opening closed.