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So Many Strips

Fabric scraps take center stage on this pair of geometric pillows. A quick stitch-and-flip method brings together narrow fabric strips to create a delightful pillow duet.


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Assemble Pieced Panels

1. With right side up, align an assorted solid or floral 6"-long strip with an edge of muslin 6" square. With right side down, place a second assorted strip atop first strip. Sew together through all layers (Diagram 1). Finger-press top strip open (Diagram 2). Continue adding assorted solid and floral strips until muslin square is covered; press. Trim covered muslin square to 5-3⁄4" square including seam allowances to make square pieced panel.

2. Referring to Step 1, cover muslin 5x16" rectangle with assorted solid and floral 5"-long strips. Trim to 4-1⁄2x14-1⁄2" including seam allowances to make rectangular pieced panel.



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