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Seasons for Change

Create a pair of pillow topper quilts that represent different seasons so your decor can vary accordingly. When you’re ready for a change, just flip over the pillow.


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Finish Quilts

1.    Layer each pieced and appliquéd block with batting and backing 18" squares.

2.    Quilt as desired. The featured quilts are stitched in the ditch; the snow block blue check backgrounds are stippled. After quilting, use white thread to hand-sew a white button on the ends of each snowflake strip. Using yellow thread, hand-sew a square yellow bead to each snowman eye. Using black thread, hand-sew black beads to the snowman face to make a mouth.

3.    With right sides inside, fold each solid blue 1-1⁄2×42" strip in half lengthwise; sew together long edges. Cut each strip into four 10- 1⁄2"-long ties for eight ties total. Turn right side out; press.

4.    From back of each quilted block, sew ends of two ties along each top and bottom edge (Tie Placement Diagram).

5.    Bind quilted blocks with solid blue 2 -1⁄2×42" strips. Tie end of each tie in an overhand knot, then tie mini quilts together on each side of purchased 18" pillow.