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Seasons for Change

Create a pair of pillow topper quilts that represent different seasons so your decor can vary accordingly. When you’re ready for a change, just flip over the pillow.


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Assemble and Appliqué Snow Block

1.    Referring to Diagram 5, sew together two blue check 4-1⁄2×12 -1⁄2" rectangles and the solid blue 4-1⁄2×12 -1⁄2" rectangle to make the appliqué foundation. Press seams toward blue check rectangles.

2.    Referring to Snow Appliqué Placement Diagram, lay out white wool letters s, n, and w, white wool B oval, orange C nose, and black D stars on the appliqué foundation; fuse in place. 

3.    Using threads that match the appliqué pieces and working from the bottom layer to the top, machine-blanket-stitch around each piece.

4.    Again referring to Snow Appliqué Placement Diagram, lay out the white wool 1⁄4×2" and 1⁄4×3" strips in three snowflakes on the appliqué foundation. With white thread and a few machine zigzag stitches, tack the center of the snowflake strips and each end in place to complete the snow block.