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Romance in Red

Combine simple designs and classic red-and-cream prints for an endearing cozy pillow.


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Finish Pillow

1. Layer pillow top, the 14-1⁄2" batting square, and the 14-1⁄2" muslin square. Machine- or hand-quilt as desired. The featured pillow was quilted in evenly spaced diagonal rows.

2. Press under 1⁄4" along a long edge of each cream print 12-1⁄2×10-1⁄2" rectangle. Press under an additional 2" and topstitch in place to make two hemmed pillow back pieces.

3. With wrong sides together, pin pillow back pieces to pillow top, aligning raw edges and overlapping folded edges. Sew pieces together along all four edges to make pillow cover.

4. Bind with red print binding strips. Insert pillow form.