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Roll It Up Pillowcase Method

Watch a step-by-step demonstration of how to make a pillowcase with finished edges. This method has many names: burrito, hot dog, or sausage roll, but the results are the same. Use this method to sew pillowcases for our 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

I -- Jennifer role here -- that's making it's it's
don't want pillowcase chance. I -- great technique to share
with you today for making all cases we call the
roll up -- It's -- cases that expand on that
front. And I -- inside. Your pillow case that there
are no raw and exposed it's a great way to
make a very professional finished you're looking. And to make
sure that -- we're very well. Down Olympia where roll
up -- case. On our website at all people well
not hop -- slash million pillowcase. And then follow all
I'm using this -- Teary -- cut out a pillowcase
the end. -- that to out. -- I'm your worst
service. And and you have a Philippines but. Aligned along
-- edges of the pillowcase body and -- the end.
With one another. Finish line evenly ends. So this --
network service. And that's where the role in part of
the project -- Straight out and roll up. Your pillow
case by sort of like you roll -- it. Just
roll it up by itself and then -- all about
halfway up at the end and noticed. That you can
see. -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- and
over the top of that role. And start to hit
in place. But I'm in here just all of those
three players together. And I'll show you this. You've got
three players. The bottom half of mania. Your body with
the role in between. The top you. All the players
come together. And -- it just outline. And you hit
together making sure you don't catch that role. In --
So much panned out the link. That. You'll have a
role. That looks like this and I placed opinions about
every four inches down the raw -- the long run
it again and take one out. And show you. That
when you peel back your roll up your body. Your
pillow cases not hot. And take this -- sewing machine
and you're going to settle once seen package. From that
long brought it. When you get ugly fat. Your role
will look like this. -- cat does seem -- you'll
notice if you look in the end of that --
That your body your pillowcase it still in their neatly
tucked it. And you want to pull this out just
like. You pull lets leave that sweater. And just gently.
Old body or the role that you put in there
-- here. Out in the end. And well all the
way out until -- pillowcase body. This free. They end.
-- -- -- It is. Your pillow case -- --
the end zone together. Now at this point he wanted
to take it to -- ironing board. And give it
a nice pressing and make sure to pull this team
that. And the one on the opposite side but the
great thing about the role that technique -- -- see
seen -- -- -- to the inside but I turn
it over. The seam allowances also tucked in up acts.
So it's a great finish here pillow case. And after
you got all pressed it should look like this. And
again can't see. Any brought. You're ready to -- on
it and -- to your case and instructions your --
media people well. Some cases to finisher it's also with
the technique. Using different scenes well I know -- those
scenes scenes either. So have a great time you get
honor all cases and join us but the one it's.


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