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Premade Ruffle Pillow

Sew a simple, yet elegant, pillow using 2"-wide premade ruffles from Michael Miller Fabrics.


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Finish Pillow

1. Fold a long edge of a white tone-on-tone 13x21" rectangle under 1/4". Turn under 1/4" again; press. Sew through all layers close to first folded edge to make a backing rectangle. Repeat with remaining white tone-on-tone 13x21" rectangle.

2. Overlap hemmed edges of backing rectangles by about 4" to make a 21" square (Diagram 4). Baste across overlapped edges to make a pillow back.

3. With right sides together, layer pillow top and pillow back, making certain short edges of ruffle strips are within seam lines. Fold back and pin right-most ruffle so its long right-hand edge is not caught in the seam; baste. Using 1/2" seams, sew around outer edges to make pillow cover. Turn pillow cover right side out through opening in back. Insert pillow form through opening to complete pillow.