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Pieced Floor Cushion

Mix in a few decorator and specialty fabrics for a chic look that will have your friends wondering where they can get a fabulous floor pillow like yours!


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Assemble Cushion Pieces

1. Referring to Cutting Diagram, lay out the nine pieced blocks in three rows, alternating blocks A and B. Note that in the featured project, the middle row was flipped to break up the repetition of the blocks.

2. Sew together the blocks in each row. Press the seam allowances toward the B blocks. Then join the rows to make the pieced fabric. Press the seam allowances in one direction. The pieced fabric should measure 60-1/2x45-1/2", including the seam allowances

3. Referring to the Cutting Diagram, cut the pieced fabric to make the following:
2—7x49" rectangles for cushion gusset
2—25" squares for cushion top and bottom

4. Pair each cushion gusset, top, and bottom piece with corresponding-size fleece pieces. Baste each pair together, handling them gently to avoid fraying.