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Patchwork Pillow Pair

Piece squares and rectangles into classic Pineapple and Log Cabin blocks to easily create a stunning sun-and-sky color duo.


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Finish Pillows

1. Layer each pillow top with an 18" batting square and a muslin 18" square. Quilt as desired. Trim batting and muslin lining even with pillow top edges.

2. With wrong sides inside, fold two dark blue print 14-1⁄2×18-1⁄2" rectangles in half to form two double-thick 14-1⁄2×9-1⁄4" pieces. Overlap folded edges by about 4" to make a 14-1⁄2" square (Diagram 11). Stitch around entire square to make a pillow back. (The double thickness makes the pillow back more stable.) Repeat with remaining dark blue print 14-1⁄2×18-1⁄2" rectangles to make a second pillow back.

3. With wrong sides together, layer each quilted pillow top with a pillow back; baste. Bind with dark blue print binding strips. Insert pillow forms through openings to complete pillows.