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Neutral Print Pillows

The use of coordinating prints makes these pillows look more complicated than they are. Their neutral colors help them transition through decor changes. Fabrics are from the Curious Nature collection by Parson Gray for FreeSpirit.


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Finish Square-in-a-Square Pillow

1. With wrong sides inside, fold cream print 22-1⁄2x26-1⁄2" rectangles in half to form two double-thick 13-1⁄4x22-1⁄2" rectangles. (The double thickness makes the pillow back more stable.) Overlap folded edges about 4" to make a 22-1⁄2" square (Pillow Back Assembly Diagram). Baste across top and bottom of overlapped layers to make pillow back.

2. With wrong sides together, layer pillow top and pillow back; baste. Stitch in the ditch along inside border seam through all layers to make a pillow cover with a 3-1⁄4"-wide flange.

3. Bind with brown print binding strips. Insert pillow form through opening in pillow cover back to complete Square-in-a-Square pillow.