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Metallic Fireworks Pillow

Add patriotic bursts to a plain pillow with simple machine straight-stitching. The dark blue background serves as a night sky for the red and white metallic sparklers.


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Embroider Pillow Front

1. Referring to photo for placement, use white or yellow water-soluble marking pen and a ruler to draw two Fireworks Burst Patterns on the right side of a solid blue 18x14" rectangle. Click on "Download this Project" above for firework pattern.

2. Place remaining solid blue 18x14" rectangle right side down on your work surface. Top with batting 18x14" rectangle, then marked solid blue 18x14" rectangle; baste to make the pillow front.

3. With a metallic 14/90 needle in your sewing machine, use red metallic thread to straight-stitch over marked lines of a firework burst. Repeat with silver metallic thread and the remaining burst.

4. With embroidery centered, trim pillow front to 17x13" including seam allowances.