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Large Diamond Pillow

Fashion a large throw pillow by combining four center units for a dazzling diamond effect.


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Assemble Pillow Top

1. Referring to Diagram 1, align the 45-degree line on a quilter’s ruler with one corner of an orange floral 4-3/4x18-1/8" rectangle. Trim excess fabric. Align ruler and trim fabric at opposite end of rectangle to form a trapezoid shape. Repeat with remaining orange floral and green-and-white floral 4-3/4x18-1/8" rectangles.

2. Referring to Diagram 2 for placement, sew together a green print triangle, orange floral trapezoid, green-and-white floral trapezoid, and orange print triangle to make a pillow top unit. Press seams in one direction. Repeat to make four pillow top units total.

3. Join pillow top units in pairs (Diagram 3). Press seams in opposite directions. Join pairs to make pillow top. Press seams in one direction. The pillow top should be 24-1/2" square including seam allowances.



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