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Just a Dash Pillow

A single block composed of a stripe, dot, and swirling floral results in a sophisticated pillow. Strips cut 2" wide frame the block to make an 18"-square pillow. Fabrics are from the Kensington collection by Deborah Edwards for Northcott Studio.


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Complete Pillow

1.  Referring to Pillow Assembly Diagram, sew brown dot 2×15-1⁄2" border strips to opposite edges of block. Add brown dot 2×18-1⁄2" border strips to remaining edges to make pillow top. Press all seams toward border.

2.  Layer pillow top and brown dot 18-1⁄2" square with right sides together. Sew together, leaving a 10" opening along one edge for turning, to make a pillow cover.

3.  Turn pillow cover right side out; stuff with fiberfill. Hand-stitch opening closed to complete pillow.