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Just a Dash Pillow

A single block composed of a stripe, dot, and swirling floral results in a sophisticated pillow. Strips cut 2" wide frame the block to make an 18"-square pillow. Fabrics are from the Kensington collection by Deborah Edwards for Northcott Studio.


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Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

From white floral, cut:
2—5-7⁄8" squares
1—5-1⁄2" square
4—2-1⁄2×5-1⁄2" rectangles

From brown stripe, cut:
2—5-7⁄8" squares
4—2×5-1⁄2" rectangles

From brown dot, cut:
1—18-1⁄2" pillow backing square
2—2×18-1⁄2" border strips
2—2×15-1⁄2" border strips
4—2×5-1⁄2" rectangles