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Jolly Holiday Pillows

Pleats and ruching dress up a festive pair of Christmas-theme pillows just in time for a season of good cheer. Fabrics are from the Isabelle Christmas collection from Anna Griffin.


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Assemble Ruched Pillow

1. With right side inside, fold green print 7×42" strip in half lengthwise. Stitch along long edges to make a tube (Diagram 6). Press seam in one direction; turn tube right side out. Centering seam in back, press long edges of tube. The tube should be 3-1⁄4×42" including seam allowances.

2. Using long machine stitches, baste 3⁄8" from each long edge of tube (Diagram 7). Pull threads, gathering long edges, to make a 20-1⁄2"-long ruched strip (Diagram 8). Baste a scant 1⁄4" from short edges to secure gathering threads.

3. With right sides together, align light blue print 7-1⁄4×20-1⁄2" rectangle with one long edge of ruched strip (Diagram 9); adjust gathers evenly. Using 1⁄2" seam allowance, sew together through all layers. Press seam toward light blue print. In same manner, add multicolor stripe 5-1⁄2×20-1⁄2" rectangle to opposite edge of ruched strip. Press seam toward multicolor stripe.

4. Using 1⁄4" seam, sew red argyle 7×20-1⁄2" rectangle to remaining long edge of multicolor stripe rectangle to make ruched pillow top (Diagram 10). Press seam toward red argyle. The pillow top should be 20-1⁄2" square including seam allowances.

5. Sew red buttons to pillow top along multicolor stripe rectangle, spacing buttons about 4" apart.

8. With wrong side inside, fold each light blue print 20-1⁄2×24-1⁄2" rectangle in half to make two 20-1⁄2×12-1⁄4" double-thick rectangles. Overlap folded edges by about 4" to make a 20-1⁄2"-square pillow back. Baste overlapped edges.

9. With right sides together, layer pleated pillow top and pillow back; pin or baste edges. Sew together through all layers to make pleated pillow cover.

10. Turn pillow cover right side out through opening in pillow back. Insert 20"-square pillow form to complete pleated pillow.



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