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I Love You Pillow

Stitch a subtle love note using a shadow redwork technique of ecru thread on a soft white foundation.


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Complete the Pillow

1. Cut and piece the red cherry print 1×42" strips to make an 84"-long piping strip.

2. With the wrong side inside, fold and press the red cherry print strip in half lengthwise to make a 1⁄2"-wide piping strip. Aligning raw edges and using a 1⁄4" seam, sew the piping strip to the pillow top, mitering the corners. Turn under and press the seam allowances toward the pillow top wrong side.

3. Fold the short edges of the muslin 23-1⁄2×56" rectangle under 1⁄2". Turn the same edges under 1⁄2"; press. Using a 3⁄8" seam allowance, stitch along the short edges to hem.

4. With the right sides inside, fold the hemmed edges to the center, overlapping them by 4", to make a 23" square (Pillow Cover Diagram).

5. Sew together the raw edges to make the pillow cover; turn right side out.

6. Place the pillow cover with the opening side down. Center the embroidered and piped pillow top on the pillow cover. Pin in place.

7. Sew in the ditch between the pillow top and the piping to create a flange edge. Insert the pillow form through the back opening to complete the pillow.