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Fusible Appliqué Bird Pillow

Use flannel scraps to create bird, nest, egg, and berry appliqué pieces. Fuse the pieces to a pieced pillowtop to make a handmade nature scene.


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Appliqué and Add Border

1. Fold each light purple herringbone L and M scallop in half; lightly press fold to mark center, then unfold. Repeat to mark center of each black floral border strip.

2. Referring to Diagram 1, align long straight edges of a light purple herringbone M scallop and a black floral 4-3/4x18" border strip, matching center folds. Fuse in place. Using black thread, machine-blanket-stitch along curved edges only to make a short border strip. Repeat to make a second short border strip.

3. Using light purple herringbone L scallops and black floral 4-3/4x32" border strips, repeat Step 2 to make two long border strips.

4. Beginning and ending seams 1/4" from pillow center edges, sew short border strips to short edges of pillow center. Add long border strips to remaining edges, mitering corners, to complete pillow top. (For details, Click on "Download this Project" and see Miter Borders section.) The pillow top should be 16x30" including seam allowances.