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Dot-to-Dot Pillow

Gather a rainbow of cute pastel polka dots for a checkerboard-look pillow. Fabrics are from the Mini Confetti Dots collection by Dear Stella.


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Assemble Pillow Top

1.  Referring to Diagram 1, align long edges and alternate colors of eight polka dot 1-3⁄4×4" rectangles in two colors. Sew together to make a strip set. Press seams in one direction. Cut strip set into two 1-3⁄4"-wide segments.

2.  Repeat Step 1 with remaining assorted polka dot print 1-3⁄4×4" rectangles to make four sets of matching 1-3⁄4"-wide segments.

3. Referring to Diagram 2, sew together segments to make pillow top. Press seams in one direction.