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Congrats Appliqué Pillow

Make a wedding gift that newlyweds will treasure. Take a snapshot at the wedding ceremony, print the photo on a printable fabric sheet, then appliqué a message of congratulations to create a one-of-a-kind pillow.


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Finish Pillow

1. With wrong side inside, fold each black print 12-1/2x19-1/2" rectangle in half to make two 12-1/2x9-3/4" double-thick pillow back rectangles. Overlap folded edges by 3" to make 16-1/2x12-1/2" pillow back (Diagram 3). Baste along all edges to secure pieces.

2. With right sides together, layer pillow top and pillow back; pin or baste edges. Sew together through all layers. Turn right side out through opening in pillow back and insert pillow form to complete pillow.



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