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Center-Tied Pillow

Whip up a large throw pillow with center-tied strips inspired by designers Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith of Homestead Hearth. Use home decor fabrics to create a durable pillow with custom piping.


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Assemble Pillow Top

1. Fold white-and-orange print 6x42" strip in half lengthwise, right sides together. Stitch long edges. Turn right side out and press. Repeat with remaining white-and-orange print 6x42" strip.

2. Tie Step 1 stitched strips together in an overhand knot (Diagram 1).

3. Referring to Diagram 2, layer knotted strips atop an orange floral 25" square. Pin knot in center of square. Baste ends of strips at corners to make pillow top.