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Button-Band Pillow

Red-and-cream prints create an elegant pillow when combined with buttons.


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Assemble Pillow

1. Sew together red stripe 10-3⁄4×13" rectangle and red floral 6-3⁄4×13" rectangle to make pillow front. The pillow front should be 13×17" including seam allowances.

2. To make band, fold cream-and-red print 7×13" rectangle in half lengthwise with right side inside to make a 3-1⁄2×13" strip. Sew together long edges of strip; turn right side out. Turn seam to center of one side and press.

3. With right sides facing up, center band over pillow front seam. Topstitch in place along long edges. Position buttons on band; stitch them only to band.

4. Layer pillow front and red floral 13×17" pillow back. Using 1⁄2" seams, sew around outer edges, leaving an opening along one end that accommodates pillow form. Turn pillow cover right side out. Insert pillow form through opening. Whipstitch opening closed to complete pillow.