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Butterfly Floor Pillow

Create a soft place to land with a generously sized floor pillow created from a quartet of butterfly panels and a coordinating butterfly print. Fabric is from the Papillion collection by Karen Montgomery for Timeless Treasures Fabrics.


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Finish Pillow

1. Turn under one long edge of each butterfly print 19-1/2x31" rectangle 1"; press. Turn under 1" again and stitch in place to hem pillow back pieces.

2. Center and sew one part of hook-and-loop tape to hemmed edge on wrong side of one pillow back piece (Diagram 1; note placement of tape from hemmed edge.) Sew the other part of hook-and-loop tape to right side of remaining pillow back piece, 14" from unhemmed edge.

3. Referring to Pillow Back Assembly Diagram, overlap hemmed edges of pillow back pieces by about 4" to make a 31"–square pillow back center. Baste center portion of overlapped edges.

4. Referring to Assemble Pillow Top, Step 4, join border strips to pillow back center to make pillow back.

5. Layer pillow top and pillow back right sides together. Stitch around all edges. Turn right side out and press.

6. Align pillow front and pillow back border seams. Referring to Diagram 2, stitch in the ditch around all edges between pillow center and border to complete pillow cover. Insert pillow form through opening.



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