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On-the-Go Projects

Sometimes you want an alternative to sitting inside and sewing! These on-the-go sewing projects fit easily in your bag and are perfect to start (and finish) on a road trip, a vacation, or even sitting outdoors.

Learn to Make Fabric Yo-Yos

Learn to make fabric yo-yos--you can make an entire quilt of yo-yos or add just a few to your project for a touch of texture.

See how to make yo-yos here.

Embroidery Hoop Art

Itching to get stitching? Embroider fresh designs and admire your handmade works in a hangable hoop.

See our free embroidery hoop art patterns here.

Sewing Projects with Embroidery


Whether it's an embellishment on a small project or a larger sewn design on a quilt, embroidery is sure to add an extra handmade touch to your quilts!

See our free embroidery patterns here.


Learn Basic Embroidery Stitches

Get how-to instructions and see illustrated diagrams for basic hand-embroidery stitches.

See simple embroidery stitches here.

Sewing Projects Using Wool

Felted wool is easy to handle, doesn’t fray, and is quite forgiving. This makes it ideal for hand-applique!

See free wool quilt patterns here.

Flower Hand-Appliqué Quilts

Grow some beautiful blooms (and grow in skill, too) with these quilts showcasing hand-appliquéd flowers.

Get free patterns for hand-applique here. 


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